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Production Specification

 6 Sheet Posters:

Trim size is 1200mm (w) x 1800mm (h)

Safe print area is 1160mm (w) x 1760mm (h)

 4 Sheet Posters:

Trim size is 1016mm (w) x 1524mm (h)

Safe print area is 986mm (w) x 1494mm (h)

Do not have any text less than 40mm from edge of poster.
Documents accepted in the following applications:
Quark Xpress 7 or lower – Adobe programs:  Illustrator/Photoshop/indesign/Acrobat CS3 or lower

All artwork, if not set up same size, should be set up in pro to the finished size, preferably with the percentage scale marked on the file (but off the printable artwork area) or supplied with order.
All documents must be provided with all fonts and placed artwork. Any placed artwork should be editable with the previously mentioned applications.
Fonts used in Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand EPS files must be provided or converted to outlines.

Images used must be 4-Colour CMYK either TIFF or EPS (no DCS files). Please do not send Photoshop (PSD) files unless the entire artwork is composed in Photoshop.
All Photoshop or scanned images should be scanned at 300dpi at repro size

*High resolution PDF files are acceptable but must be saved as CMYK with all fonts embedded.      


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